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Interview With Andreas Schemm About Decentralized In-Game Advertising

13:35 24/07/2018

Andreas Schemm, CEO & Co-Founder at VREO, reveals the future of the in-game advertising industry and the way blockchain can cope with inefficient ads and invalid traffic.


What is the Vreo project about?


Vreo provides in-game advertising secured through blockchain technology. Every gamer who played games on smartphone was at least once interrupted with banner ads or popup videos. We decided to integrate advertising into the gaming process in order to make it a natural part of in-game surrounding. We are gamers ourselves and nobody here really appreciate popups. The gaming industry now has a real need for new monetisation mechanisms. Our technology allows companies to use the space within games for integrated ads. The system is transparent and secured for gamers, developers and advertisers.


How are advertisers supposed to offer their content through your system?


We are providing the marketplace to allow advertisers to reach gamers. Our system allows to calculate gathered view data into batches and automatically define the price of adds. Gamers are the part of transactions, as they have to verify them and can get tokens as a reward. Advertisers have an ability to find partners by using a matching algorithm developed to make the selection process more efficient.


Where is your company based?


The company’s core is based in Switzerland, but our team is international. It was formed by people from different backgrounds. It is young but already greatly experienced.


Have you already established partnerships with gaming companies?


We already have great feedback about our system. At least five large game developers are interested in our services. Among our partners are such companies as VRES, O.S.A. game, Mizar game and others. All of them are fond of the idea of democratizing the game industry as a whole.


Are you going to sell your own tokens?


We use a dual token model. One token is aimed to make all operations secured, so it is internal system token. We like to call this a proof of merit. Another token is the ERC-20 token. It will be sold during the ICO. It will be used for membership access. It means the more tokens you have, the more access to our ecosystem you will have. We had private sales in May, while public sales are planned for August.


Apart from the dual token model, are you using two types of blockchain as well?


Yes, that’s true. We use Ethereum for ICO processes but there is the lack of scalability and speed. For our system we will use another blockchain which combines all the benefits of the open ledger technology. Now we are looking at all the promising technologies and are not focused on something special yet. We are interested in developing Cardano, EOS and Hashgraph. We also use machine learning to evaluate human behaviour and optimize an advertising content. It can turn annoying adds into something interesting and useful for gamers. Our technology allows to offer ads through different platforms like PC, smartphones or consoles.


What are main advantages of your platform?


There are plenty of them: great flexibility, integrated engine plugins like Unity 3D and unreal Engine 4, creative ways to design an offer, control over all advertising processes. And the usage of blockchain itself makes advertising processes faster and cheaper.


What kind of games can integrate an embedding ad?


Our idea naturally fits action or adventure games which have detailed gaming worlds. But in fact, almost every game can include such kind of advertising. Also, our technology can expand to the application industry which has a great variety of possible solutions.


What is wrong with traditional in-game advertising methods?


There are a lot of problems, and I will try to name at least a few of them. First of all, there is a problem with frauds. I mean, companies lost money because of so-called invalid traffic. And blockchain can save the world from that forever. Advertising is pretty annoying and inefficient. The recent studies showed that embedding adds is the best form of in-game brand promotion. Also, the advertising industry suffers from ad-blocking applications. There is no specific community in the sphere. So, our company will help small and big enterprises to directly connect to each other.

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