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Head Of Digital Strategy At Datachain Bibin Ponnachan On Data Science, AI, And Blockchain

18:59 26/07/2018

Bibin Ponnachan, the Head Of Digital Strategy At Datachain, showed Blockspoint the way how the development of blockchain technologies can change data science sphere and explained why information is a new oil.


What is your project about?


Our project is powered by Braincities lab, a French startup with a rich history based in Paris. With Datachain, we want to do AI for good. And our aim is to bring data, blockchain and AI together. Our team is developing a decentralized marketplace where analytics and developers can use information received from data providers inside of secure data wallets with the GDPR compliance. Everyone who wants to use the data or data analyses can do it with our token.


What kind of technology did you choose to build your platform?


We are going to run an ICO on Ethereum using ERC-20 tokens. But our platform is based on the Hyperledger blockchain. Our tokens are totally utility tokens. Our developments are aimed to fill the market needs so we provide a b2b model. Our ICO consulters are Iconiq Lab. To get more details on our ICO and our technology you can join us on: https://t.me/datachain


Which problems do you want to solve through your platform?


Most of enterprises are really intrigued by the idea of blockchain. So they just need more consulting on how to implement it into their business models. We are providing solid use cases to help such companies. Among our clients are really big names. We are working with Montreuil City (a commune in France) on Smart city pilot project, a pilot project with Porsche, CareAway for the healthcare industry and many more. Also we are in partnership with HPE, Nvidia, SAP, Iconiq Lab, Berlin Partners, Paris&co, and Shakeup by wavestone.

What kind of data do you work with?


There are different types of data. It can be citizens' information about the city infrastructure or medical data. The system is very flexible so it depends on our client's need. Our main properties are asynchronicity, high transaction speed, parallel circulations, and security. Our network is totally decentralized and designed for artificial intelligence which is powered by Cognitive Operating System. Our multi-chain design enables side-chain auto-regeneration. We designed a resilient structure similar to the DNA chain itself.

Why are you better than other teams?


With a good mix of AI experts, data scientist, business profiles, +40 contributors, and 2700+ engineers on meetup, we are having a big data background, specialized in predictive models so our predicament has always been with clean data sets and clean outcomes. We try to stick to our clients' needs. We are really good for the first clients' entry. Datachain creates the network where all the members can interact through smart-contracts. The environment of our platform is really user-friendly and super familiar.

Why do we need Artificial Intelligence to be developed?


We believe artificial intelligence is pushing us to the edge of the new revolution where deep learning models will take over entire industries. If data is the new oil, if data is a commodity, it should have a price and it should be possible to be traded on exchanges. We envision this new Internet as the infrastructure of a decentralized marketplace for Artificial Intelligence providing outcomes-as-a-service.

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