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OKEx Head Of Operations Andy Cheung Revealed Plans Of Their Exchange

20:28 07/06/2018
OKEx Head Of Operations Andy Cheung

Please tell us about the past, present and future of OKEx.


OKEx is one of the most trusted global digital asset exchanges. It provides services for traders with the help of blockchain technology. OKEx was founded in 2014 as a token to token company. And since then we have gained lot of profit and started to deal with leading enterprises. Our exchange has changed a lot. Now it provides safe and trusted trading features due to the internet and mobile solutions. OKEx is one of the largest exchanges, but I think it still has a great potential to improve. We provide our services to millions of users in over 100 countries, but there are still many of markets we are not engaged in.


What is your prior vector of development for now?


The main strategy for now is to expand company’s activities and to cover other parts of the market. So we are focused on the further globalization of OKEx. It is known by people in Asia, but in other countries we still have to work very hard to gain more influence. We are expanding in Malta. The government there provided an efficient legislation suitable for OKEx plans to grow globally. I think everyone has heard this news. We were based in Hong Kong but it is time to rise. We are looking forward to starting business in Europe and the USA, as they are huge markets. We are going everywhere and opening offices in multiple countries.


Do you have any collaborations?


We have a lot of partners among leading enterprises and strong developers. We are going to scale our business. Now OKEx is hiring new people, and we are looking for talented specialists. We will never work with teams that do not have a right vision and a clear understanding. We are looking for solid projects. Out specialists do research of startups on a daily basis because the industry is changing rapidly. We can see that everyday someone develops an innovative product — so we have to be in touch with the world to follow new trends.  


Do you have plans to add new features to the exchange?


Currently, we are working on more that 400 trading cases. OKEx listed more than 150 assets. Our list is one of the biggest compared to other exchanges. We are going to launch an advanced blockchain portfolio, and our token OKB will be a vital part of it. It is a utility token. Also, we have a decentralized platform allowing our users to trade personally and freely with each other. It is C2C trading. We are reducing any risks by using a distinctive feature for verifying.


Many experts say their blockchain has a lot of problems. How does your development team handle this?


Our team always tries to find new solutions to reduce blockchain drawbacks. I think in two or three years the technology will be greatly developed and globally expanded. We believe that digital assets will become currencies of our future. Blockchain technology will eliminate barriers among people during transactions and increase efficiency of all the processes across the society. And it eventually will have a great impact on the global economy. We are changing the world now.  We do our best to never stop to improve our customer experience.


Why is your exchange so popular and successful?


Our exchange is one of the most secured. We have more than 200 people working on the technical side. Security is one of the key points. We can offer multiple choices of tokens and multiple features. Also, we provide low volatility, and this is one of the best rated technologies in the sphere.


How can you describe the current situation in the cryptocurrency market?


The crypto market now has great opportunities for developing. It has already gained over $500 billions. Now there are many projects, which adopted blockchain and cryptocurrency, and the amount of such enterprises keeps growing. The government of China is looking to blockchain technology. I think in the future it would be more adopted there. We have an aim to create blockchain-friendly framework, which would be great for the industry. I hope OKEx will be actively involved into all main cryptocurrency processes.

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