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Founder Of Herdius Revealed How To Unite All Blockchains In Single System

17:55 25/07/2018

Balazs Deme, the founder and CEO of Herdius, is an author of an ambitious idea to create the Herdius project which is aimed at building a new infrastructure layer on top of all existing blockchains. Balazs Deme told Blockspoint about the truly agnostic decentralized system and the next generation blockchain development.


What services do you provide?


Herdius intends to build a new infrastructure layer on top of all blockchains. We started this project last month. The initial idea was to create a security token. But during the work we decided to develop a solid decentralized exchange. This exchange can operate any kind of asset because we want to combine different types of blockchain systems. We are also developing our own blockchain.


Where is your company based? How many people are in your team?


We are based in Germany and we are the first company to approach the German legacy. There are only five people in our team. I got into the cryptocurrency field as a miner back in 2012. Since then I've dived deep into the world of digital currencies, and this led me to the point where I am now. Before moving to Berlin and starting Herdius, I used to live in Budapest and Houston and worked on different projects in such industries as e-commerce or gaming.

What are the main products you have in progress?


We have three main products in development which are a key management and an identity solution specifically aimed at solving chain interoperability. We also provide a decentralized exchange and our own blockchain.


What is the goal of your company?


Our goal is to provide a highly needed piece of infrastructure for the blockchain and cryptocurrency community. Now we see a great variety of different projects and channels, and these systems are not connected to each other and cannot interact. So now we see three main problems with scalability, blockchain interoperability and with handling all those private keys. We aim to lower the barrier-of-entry for new users and help to expand the world of crypto assets.


Why do you think it is a good idea to unite all blockchains?


We want to unite people around the cryptocurrency sphere. Lots of companies use different solutions and different channels, which creates a lot of noise. As a result, good projects get lost in this chaos. We need to create an ecosystem of descent projects in order to connect talented developers and specialists which can allow all of us to change the world altogether.


Can you reveal more details on your technical part?


We plan to create a decentralized platform. To do this, we are developing a new transaction layer that can be named a sidechain but its is very scalable and performant. It will enable to conduct fast and safe transactions. Our platform is a space for other companies who want to develop their own solutions. We can allow developers to expand the native capabilities of their tokens. Our platform will be powered by the proof-of-stake blockchain with blocks-of-blocks architecture. Herdius interconnects blockchains on the private key level. It means it can securely generate keys in a distributed way for any blockchain. This is possible through the combination of using hierarchical deterministic wallets, homomorphic encryption and Merkle trees.


What are your nearest plans for the future?


We are going to conduct an ICO in July. The first version of the product will be launched by the end of this summer, and the official launch of the platform will take place at the end of the year.

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