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Interview With Aigerim Ospan About Largest Polish Exchange BitBay

19:52 07/06/2018

Interview with Aigerim Ospan, Influencer Manager at BitBay.


When was your company launched? What were your main goals?


Our company was launched more than four years ago in Poland. BitBay is a professional and intuitive trading platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Our strong point is that we work with fiat currencies as well. We have achieved international access with Polish capital. The economy of BitBay depends on decentralized markets. We support the technology of Halo, after purchasing a license for their software. BitBay supports the Stealth technology. Due to time-based locks, it will be possible to conduct Atomic transactions, which allows the exchange to be decentralized.


What makes you better than other exchanges?


Our platform has a lot of advantages, like advanced contracts with time locks, unbreakable smart contracts, decentralized markets, strong community, mesh-network. We provide tools for trading, professional support, secured transactions, fast deposits and withdrawals, and control over all operations.


What part of the market are you focused on?


Our company is mostly Polish, as 75% of our customers are in Poland. We have a monopoly in the local market, and are planning to expand globally. We have more than million of active users. Recently, we have opened a new office in India and provided seven cryptocurrencies for trading. We’re also going to relocate our main office to Malta.


Why did you decide to move?


Because the polish government is tightening its policy towards cryptocurrencies. The activity of the BitBay exchange in Poland requires cooperation with local banks. Unfortunately, the last bank, that was ready to provide its services to BitBay, decided to quit the cooperation. In these circumstances, it is no longer possible to continue our work in Poland.


How will the relocation affect your clients?


Our users will not see any changes. Though, we understand that the name of the Maltese company could be surprising. So, we are sure that even if it does not sound like BitBay, it is still BitBay. There is no need to worry.


Why did you open a new office in India?


India is a very interesting market. It demonstrates a growing interest in the crypto sphere. It also has a lot of possibilities for business and technology co-working. BitBay India began to work in New Delhi with a team of 10 people. By the end of 2017, the number of personnel increased to 50.


Please tell us about your plans for the nearest future.


We are launching a new version of the exchange soon — BitBay 2.0. It will have a lot of new tools and useful features. There will be a new application and an efficient interface. Honestly, we have many new projects in progress.

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