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How Is Howey Test Applied In ICO Regulation: Main Rules
19:10 08/10/2018
Howey Test And ICO Regulation In US
19:15 04/10/2018
The Howey test is used to determine whether a transaction qualifies as an investment contract. Today, it also applies to investing in cryptocurrency.…
Reasons Why Crypto Is Successful In Switzerland
15:07 27/09/2018
Nowadays, the cryptocurrency market largely depends on the attitude of governments. In Switzerland, coins are considered as a means of payment,…
Peculiarities Of The Cryptocurrency Regulation In The World. Part II
16:00 22/09/2018
  In the first part of the article, we talked about regions with the soft cryptocurrency regulation policy. The second part is devoted to countries…
New Cryptocurrency Regulation Rules Postponed In Canada
16:00 19/09/2018
New cryptocurrency regulation rules of Canadian companies were due by the fall of 2018. However, the Canadian government postponed the deadline,…
Peculiarities Of Cryptocurrency Regulation In The World. Part I
17:44 18/09/2018
While the popularity of digital currencies reflects the attitude of society to the sphere, the cryptocurrency regulation shows the government's…
How Did Singapore Become Global Center For Crypto Business Development
15:03 18/06/2018
There is no doubt Singapore is the world technological leader today. But it didn't start out that way. The year of 1965 is a sort a starting…

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The History Of Forks In The Ethereum Environment
20:40 17/10/2018
Examples Of Bitcoin Forks And Historical Reasons They Occurred
08:45 15/10/2018
History of Bitcoin forks   Bitcoin was introduced to society about ten years ago, and since then it has been incessantly developing. Many developers…
Standard Types Of Cryptocurrency Soft Forks
19:50 11/10/2018
What’s the difference?   In our previous articles, we discussed the importance of forks utilized in blockchain, tangle, and hashgraph, revealed…
Standard Cryptocurrency Hard Forks Explained
08:00 10/10/2018
Introduction   In the previous articles, we figured out that hard forks are natural for blockchain, examined their peculiarities within blockchain,…
Complex Methods Of Reward Distribution In Crypto Mining Pools
19:15 09/10/2018
Introduction   In the previous article, we examined the path that led miners from solo mining to the crypto mining pools activity. So-called…
Artificial Cryptocurrency Forks: Special Cases Explained
20:13 05/10/2018
The origin of artificial forks   As it was mentioned in previous articles, forks are natural for blockchain. They are well researched and widely…
Processing Of Natural Cryptocurrency Forks
21:17 04/10/2018
So why bother after all?   To answer this question, we should imagine the consequences of forking briefly discussed in the previous article. Let’s…