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OKEx Staff Members Attend Conference In Malta

11:04 08/10/2018

The representatives of the OKEx crypto exchange published a weekly update on their activities, in which they reported on participation in several events and updating of the crypto listing, according to the company’s official blog.



From October 3 to 5, the OKEx employees were in Malta, where the island government held a conference called Delta Summit. The event was intense and interesting thanks to the reports of leading developers in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, they shared perspectives on the development of technologies.


Malta positions itself as a "blockchain island." Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat expressed his confidence in the exploitability of decentralized technologies, bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies at the Session of the General Assembly of UN.


On October 6, the OKEx management has itself organized Global Meetup Tour 2018 in Bangkok, where it invited the leading crypto experts to speak. Exactly the same event will be held in Amsterdam on October 9.


Starting from 9:00 pm (HKT), September 30, the depositing and withdrawal of Ontology (ONT) became possible on the OKEx exchange, since the update of the main cryptocurrency network was successfully completed and its work stabilized.


According to CoinMarketCap as of 05:20 (UTC), October 8, OKEx is ranked second with the trading volume of $424.3 million, second only to the Binance trading platform.

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