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Bitjoy Startup Intends To Change System Of Video Games Using EOS Blockchain

20:08 11/10/2018

Bitjoy, a startup based on the EOS blockchain, will launch the same name decentralized app and a tokenized protocol that stimulates the creation of new models of interactivity between video games participants, according to the Block.one's Twitter account.


Nowadays, millions of people are participating in watching streaming videos related to the game industry. Such platforms as the Amazon’s Twitch and the Microsoft’s Mixer, as well as their competitors Facebook and Google, demonstrate the future of entertainment, where the game experience is created, managed and commented on by gamers around the world.


So far, the interaction between a streamer and a viewer on streaming platforms has been restricted to text or voice messages, donation widgets, and particular reward systems. Slow and expensive processors limit the development of innovations in the gaming field.


Bitjoy provides a solution that stimulates the development of new models of interactive gaming between streamers and viewers. With the use of the EOS blockchain, tokens, and smart contracts, Bitjoy will provide economic incentives to video game participants.


The POWER token will be such an incentive. Thus, viewers will be able to make real-time changes in the game course, which will be livestreamed. POWER isn’t just a transaction tool; the token is considered an asset that will allow a viewer to earn money on the player’s performance and other game elements.


As previously reported, Malwarebytes detected malware propagation in the ecosystem of a video game Fortnite.

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