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New Members Join Hyperledger Blockchain Project

17:53 13/12/2018

Hyperledger blockchain consortium is rapidly expanding due to the joining of new enterprises, their total number is more than 260 now, CoinDesk reports.


The participation of sixteen new members, including the leading European telecom corporation Deutsche Telekom, cloud computing company Alibaba Cloud, and financial consortium Citigroup, was announced at the World Hyperledger Conference in Basel (Switzerland).

The Hyperledger community is showing great interest in blockchain technology in various industries and in numerous markets, and new participants are proving this, the head of the blockchain project Brian Behlendorf stated.


Developing a roaming app using the Hyperledger Fabric framework was a logical decision of the company, and companies benefit in many ways from using an open platform on Fabric, because it is a ready-to-use ecosystem for a group of interested companies, John Calian, Deutsche Telekom VP, stressed.

The number of participants in the Hyperledger blockchain project is increasing steadily, and experts do not stop there, developing new solutions.


As previously reported, the Hyperledger technical committee supported the implementation of the Ursa solution, which is a modular cryptography software library.

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