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About Third Of EOS Network Addresses Are “Contaminated” — Research

11:53 16/01/2019
Researchers Find Third Of EOS Addresses Have Inefficient Balance

About third of EOS network addresses have inefficient balance, in other words, they are dusty, ForkLog reports referring to ICO Rating research.


According to analytical resource CoinMarketCap, the EOS cryptocurrency has been in the top 5 of assets leaders for a long time and nowadays it is a leader in the transactions number, but ICO Rating experts found some its drawbacks.  


In the Bitcoin network, dusty addresses are the ones with unspent transaction outputs (UTXO). Such addresses are not profitable to use, because in that case a user should pay more than the whole their volume. Therefore, users will never spend some of the coins.      


Functioning principles play an important role in the EOS blockchain. To perform transactions, clients have to “freeze” part of assets, this influences how many operations can be performed. There is an ongoing debate on “freezing” of coins in the community. In EOS, dusty accounts are the ones where a balance is above zero but below or equal to value of CPU resources necessary for performing of operations with tokens.  


In the research CPU usage value was 0.198 EOS/ms, and the number of accounts in the network was slightly over 645 thousand, among them 191 118 (29.6%), about a third, were the ones with inefficient balance. Accounts owners will not perform operations until there are enough tokens for “freezing” to use a necessary CPU resource.


It should be noted that 115 075 accounts in the network (17.8%) had zero balance, thus, only 52.5% of EOS accounts can be called active.

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