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IBM Files Patent Application For Blockchain For Scientific Research

15:58 12/11/2018

Another patent application for a blockchain from IBM, submitted by the staff of its Watson Research Center, contains a solution that will help scientists in their work. The application is published on the website of the American Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).


The IBM blockchain solution will allow scientists from all over the world to follow the work of their colleagues in various areas. This application introduces another non-financial distributed ledger that the corporation has been working on over the past months. As follows from the statement, the system is aimed at creating a journal of scientific research, protected from unauthorized access.

The document says that the blockchain forms a chain, where the first block contains data about the study, this information is analyzed in the second block and the analysis log of the study results is presented. Summary and correction blocks can also be a part of the blockchain.


Several IBM employees filed the patent application called Blockchain for Open Scientific Research to the USPTO at the end of 2017. They indicated in the text that today platforms are known that allow scientists to share data on research and development, but they do not have sufficient mechanisms for controlling and authenticating information.

IBM is not the only one working with the technology in the scientific community. Blockchain for Science, the Berlin think tank, also works in this area.


As previously reported, the IBM and Seagate Technology blockchain will help to deal with fake hard drives.

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