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Project HadePay To Introduce Lightning Network With Bitfury

17:24 18/03/2019
Project HadePay To Introduce Lightning Network With Bitfury

Bitfury Group, a major mining equipment manufacturer and blockchain developer, in its blog announced a partnership with the payment operator HadePay to provide the project with access to the Lightning Network system.


HadePay customers from the European Union, the USA, and Canada will have the opportunity to make fast and cheap bitcoin payments using the Peach Merchant API from Bitfury developers. Users will be able to instantly convert the received bitcoins to other digital or fiat currency.


Thanks to the hybrid model, the HadePay system allows you to process both cryptocurrency and fiat transactions using partnerships with projects such as Square, Apple Pay, and PayPal.


According to Brian Nichols, CEO and founder of HadePay, the first cryptocurrency in history has always been a quality competitor to fiat due to its cheapness. Due to the new partnership, bitcoin transactions reached the same level of convenience as traditional payments, Nichols believes. In his opinion, the collaboration with Bitfury will contribute to the promotion of cryptocurrency in sales.


At the same time, the Lightning Network system continues to gain momentum, showing a 50% increase over the past 30 days. Network capacity during this period also increased by 54%, breaking the mark of 1000 BTC.


Earlier, Bitfury Group signed an agreement with the payment operator Paytomat, in order to provide clients of the project with access to LN-payments.

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